It Begins With A Tweet...

It begins with a tweet... the way so many things do...

The tweet is passed on to the family of a former student. Well, the link is passed on.. in a simple email. A "hey, I thought of you when I saw this" kind of thing.

... which continues with a response - enthusiastic and heart felt. A joyful reaction to a simple act.

...which results in an invitation. A chance to see that former student perform on St. Patrick's Day.

Marvelous! Visit the Irish Blessing site
What an amazing experience! I brought my sons (who both play violin) along to see the performance. Two bands played. First, we saw the group Irish Blessing. They performed a delightful mix of jigs, reels, and airs. The young men in the group took turns demonstrating traditional Irish dance steps, and even danced together several times. That is precision!

When I was in high school I wanted to learn to play the bodhran. (It just may have had something to do with a young man at the Renaissance Faire...) It was fun to watch a talented drummer in action, and equally entertaining to watch my younger son comment on the skill of each member of the band.

Later in the performance, my former student came onto the stage. I haven't seen him in years, but I knew at that time he was already tremendously talented and dedicated to his craft. I was only an academic and enrichment teacher, I can take no credit for any of his musical skills! Alex played several sets with Irish Blessing, and then was joined by his own musical partner - Keegan. Together, they form their own band called The Ladeens. They have a website for their band, which is where I found the video below. Alex plays the fiddle and Keegan is playing an instrument called the uilleann pipes. He also plays the whistle. Both have won several major awards and even went to Ireland to compete!

You just never know where a tweet will lead...

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