Healthy Changes

It can be so hard to make healthy changes. Recently, I started packing a salad to bring for lunch every day. For some reason, the novelty of cramming my salad into a Mason jar has kept me more motivated than just filling a bowl with salad. Now if I could manage to avoid the plentiful chocolate at home and work!
Being healthy is about getting more active, too. I keep trying to get myself on my elliptical or to join in with "fitness challenges" I hear about from my friends. That part isn't going as well. Being on the elliptical for more than about 20 minutes complete taxes my mental stamina... it's just boring. Even WITH the incentive of watching a favorite new show on Netflix! "Fab Ab" month? Yeah, that lasted about 4 days. 

I watch on Twitter as all my friends post their #RunTeacherRun tweets... and I know I should be moving more. One of these days I'll find something that keeps me going. For now, I'm just suffering from end of winter blahs. 

(Short Slice today as I am also working on my weekly Star Wars Thursday post for tomorrow... )

I'm participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge, hosted by the amazing educators at Two Writing Teachers. Stop by to see what others are posting!

Also - if you stop by and comment, and you are also slicing - PLEASE feel free to include your URL in the comments. With over 200 people slicing, it is often hard to go find your specific link on the Two Writing Teachers page, and I'd love to come read YOUR slice too!


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