Event Horizon

Today's Slice is a serious downer. Fair warning. For those who choose to read it anyway, I'll give a brief explanation on the other side... 

I'm writing each day in March as part of the Slice of Life challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Join us today - or as many days as you can!

"Event Horizon"

Most choices are paths-
Branches along the way.
Undone by retracing your steps-
choosing again.

Sometimes a step is harder to 
take back. 
Each one leading you closer to
an Event Horizon.

The point of no return

That final fateful step 
could be taken
 unknowingly, or
reluctantly, or
while battling 
gravity's pull

And yet... the line has been crossed
Realizing it's too late to alter course
And all hope of rescue is gone
Sucked into the abyss
Those you love
Can only


I debated what I would write today. It's the 10th anniversary of my brother's death. He was a loving, artistic, creative young man filled with promise who was unable to retrace his steps before crossing that last horizon. 

This morning, I mourn. I mourn for his loss. I mourn for the pain his mistakes cause my family - even to this day. I mourn for the time we don't have together, and the love he can't keep giving to our world. 

Then I must turn my face back into the light and celebrate life with my sons - one of which will cross from Cubs to Boy Scouts today. Tomorrow's Slice will be brighter. 

(An "Event Horizon" is part of a black hole. It is the point of no return. It is the place where, once light has reached that line, it cannot escape.) 


  1. I admire your courage to write about your brother and your feelings. May the light from your sons make today a bit brighter for you.


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