Treat Tuesday Abundance

It's time for Treat Tuesday! That is the day when I (and now my sons) share books we are reading and they talk me into letting them eat some candy to go with it. Thanks, Niki - my boys adore you :)

Check out Niki's site at Daydream Reader for her Treat Tuesday post!

UntitledHere are the choices for this slightly snowy Tuesday. Just a bit more and we may have gotten a delay!

Creepy Carrots - this one is autographed thanks to the lovely and generous Margie (@loveofxena). I paired Reeses Pieces to accent the orange splashes on the cover. I was thrilled that Creepy Carrots got a Caldecott Honor!
One Dead Spy - Well, maybe I should have found more of an undead treat to fit this book pairing! A wonderful GN that teaches about the American Revolution while entertaining. I loved it!

Older Son - 
Bartimaeus: Ptolemy's Gate - He loves this series because there are funny, witty comments. Sometimes the characters argue, and he loves the snarky humor. 

Younger Son - 
Titan's Curse - by Rick Riordan. (Have I mentioned lately that he's hooked on this series?) 
Rabbit & Robot by Cece Bell. I brought home a few award winners from the library. This goes to show that even strong readers who love things like Riordan will still gravitate toward fun easy reads. Variety is the spice of life and all that.


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