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When I heard about the chance to share a "Top Ten" list of my favorite nonfiction titles, I wasn't sure if I was the right teacher for the job. Sure, I read nonfiction. Sure, I have a lot of recent titles I've loved.

As a gifted support teacher, though, I don't get the chance to dive into nonfiction books with my students as often as a classroom teacher might. Still, I'm going to go ahead and share 10 titles that I hope you'll be able to use with your students. I'll try to give an indication of the age range I see the title being useful for - though your mileage may vary.

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AMAZING WOMEN: (Click through for either the Goodreads page or my reviews)

Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller - a graphic novel biography of an amazing woman. The art really brings home the story in a way that pure text never could. Upper elementary and up (some very sad parts!)

Almost Astronauts - The story of 13 women who tried to break through the prejudice against women and become astronauts in the Mercury program. Click through for my full review. Upper elementary and up.

Amelia Lost A wonderful biography of Amelia Earhart with amazing information about flight along the way.

Girls Who Rocked the World - a compilation of the lives of many young women who changed the course of history. The coolest part of this book is that it only features women who started to change the world while they were still young.. Very inspiring!

Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors: Superwomen in Modern Mythology - This is a book for high school, college, and up. A wonderful analysis of the history of women in comics and television. Click the link for a review on my blog.
by Jennifer K. Stuller


How They Croaked - full review linked here. This is a gross one, and is best for upper elementary (those who aren't squeamish) or middle school and up. I laughed AND winced at the information here!

Bomb - I debated not including this one. Since it got so many awards this year at ALA, I know it's already on most people's radar.


Infinity and Me A picture book to help your elementary students (and older!) wonder about the infinite... it's a little bit narrative, a little bit math... and a whole lot of "hmmmmm"...

The Plant Hunters Did you know biologists could be so exciting? Learn about some of the early explorers who sought out new kinds of plants. Amazingly adventurous! 

A Black Hole is Not a Hole - My students are always curious about black holes... and this is the perfect resource. Best for upper elementary on up.

There you have it! I hope I was able to bring some new titles to the table....


  1. Thanks for sharing this list Maria! I have upper elementary friends who will use it! Also, I will pick up some titles to share with Kam!


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