A Slice of Manic

There's always something with little boys in the house, right?

(Shh... don't tell me that it doesn't get better as they get older, please).

I had big plans for all the items I would accomplish this past weekend. Reading to do, blog posts to write, loads of laundry to... well... launder.

Instead, my weekend was spent making memories.

The yearly trip to the vet went without a hitch, now that each boy can manage one of his "sisters". When did they get so big?

I transported my boys and one of their cub scout friends to the annual Museum overnight trip. We traveled through the exhibits, learned about scientific concepts, and slept beside a dinosaur skeleton. Of course, I made the mistake of allowing my fifth grader to watch a black hole documentary a few days before this trip. Why is that a mistake, you may ask? Well, it's clearly a miscalculation when he pesters the poor college kid running the session on Newtonian principles with questions like, "but how do those theories work along with Einstein's theories when you approach an event horizon?" I'm proud of his thirst for knowledge, but we definitely need to work on his understanding about the appropriate time and place for such questions!

After a fabulously restful night's sleep, on a hard floor in a museum that turns the heat waaaaay down overnight, we trekked home.

Lunch Sunday was an outing with my amazing goddaughter. I don't see her nearly as often as I should, but we have a traditional shopping and meal event to celebrate her birthday each year. Chinese food, a bookstore, and several bags of delicious chocolate later, we headed back to her house to watch a movie. Believe it or not, I got to be the one to watch the final Harry Potter with her! Some of those scenes still bring me to tears, even knowing what will happen. That's the power of a great story. Natalie also sent me on my way with some of her favorite books. She's absolutely a Nerdy Book Club member, and that makes me proud.

While I sometimes wish for some quiet time to myself, I know these days are fleeting. Before I know it, my boys will be off on their own. So, for now, I need to remember to treasure each manic moment. Making memories...

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