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"The Unboring List" - 2013

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My "Unboring" list was inspired by my pals over at Teach Mentor Texts - Jen and Kellee. Their lists were probably less boring than mine, though!

I definitely need to be less boring... but I'm not much of a risk taker. So how can I create a list of "unboring" things I want to do in 2013? It certainly helps that this is my 20th anniversary year (shut up, I got married when I was 18, okay?) and we are heading to Ireland in June....

1) Go to Ireland.
Hey, I can do that! I even have an expert in Irish travel helping us plan our itinerary. My husband and I wanted to go to Ireland back when we were younger, but we couldn't justify the expense. Now that we've been together for 20 years, I think that's more than enough reason to celebrate by heading to the ever green land. There are so many things I want to do in Ireland, that it could be it's own unboring list.
  - Stay in a castle. I'm hoping this won't be completely cost prohibitive. Even if it is, we may bite the bullet and do it for at least one night.
  - Kiss the Blarney Stone. Okay, maybe I'll kiss it. But I hear that the locals pee on the stone because they think it's hysterical that us stupid tourists kiss it.
  - Take a falconry class. If that's not available, I'd love to be someplace that I could at least wear a bracer and have a hawk on my arm. While I know only the nobles got to go hawking in the middle ages - and I bet if I lived then I would have been a dirty, poor peasant - I've still always wanted to do this.

2) Watch at least one season of Doctor Who and Sherlock.
Yes, I am a geek. No, I haven't watched any Doctor Who. I realize I don't have to pass any sort of litmus test to call myself a geek, but this is something I've meant to do for a while now. Since they are both on Netflix, I may even be able to get it done! My sons are both in honor's orchestra, with weekly rehearsals starting this week. I bet the app on my phone will get a workout...

3) Have a Star Wars reading marathon.
I just purchased 5 Zahn books on sale at my local bookstore, and I still haven't finished the third book in the Thrawn trilogy. When you add in the cool new comic that just started up (which I fully intend to buy as a trade once the run is complete), and you have the makings for a fabulous readathon.

4) Have a comics marathon.
This is less to be "unboring" than to catch up on all the comics I decided I want to read but haven't gotten to yet. That includes Birds of Prey, Captain Marvel, Buffy, Angel & Faith, and Batgirl (I'm almost current on the ongoing, but want to go back and read some of the runs that feature Stephanie Brown and Cass Cain).

5) Introduce my sons to some of my favorite 80s movies.
We actually started this already. I showed Back to the Future this past weekend. The younger one was completely entranced. He giggled and bounced every time he figured out what was about to happen. Marty pushes his father out of the way of the car? "Oh, no, mom!" Only lightning will produce 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to power the flux capacitor? "Oh, mom - we know when lightning will strike!" The older one was much less amused.
Finish the other Back to the Future movies.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Finish our Star Wars saga by showing Return of the Jedi

6) Attend a "book event".
With my local indie bookstore closing (hopefully reopening in a new location soon, but they don't know yet), I'm not sure how to find a great local event. I've avoided going to any book signings or events until now, because I don't really like crowds. Maybe my event will be going to Free Comic Book Day again this year. My boys and I enjoyed it last year, though the store we found didn't really make an event out of it.

7) World Book Night
This one may be a long shot. I got the name of someone from my library who may be able to help me coordinate participating in giving out books for this event. I need to call her (have I ever mentioned how lousy I am at using a phone?) to get that information. Darn, I wish I had insisted on an email address!

I considered adding some wild and crazy ideas - like getting a tattoo - to this list. But who am I kidding? I'm 40, but I'm not having a mid-life crisis yet!


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