Treat Tuesday Triple Scoop

It's Treat Tuesday! 

Today I decided to get my kids in on the fun. They were absolutely excited about the idea once I mentioned there would be treats involved. 

Thanks to Niki at Daydream Reader for getting this fun one started. Join in by blogging or just tweeting your treats. (#TreatTuesday)

Our First Dish:
Poppy and Rye - by Avi. My youngest is reading this one as part of an author study in school. He read Poppy first, and then eagerly started diving into the rest of the series. He's not quite sure why some of his friends aren't as excited by this series as he is. He LOVES them! He even wrote about the book on Biblionasium: "Poppy and Rye (with his family) find a way to force the beavers away from Rye's family's house. In the meantime Rye is also trying to hide that he is trying to fight for Poppy's love." 
UntitledAccompanied by: Cookies and Cream ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and chocolate jimmies. 

Our Second Dish:
Inheritance - by Christopher Paolini. My older son wanted me to mention that the book is "exactly 849 pages". I think he comes by his love for long books honestly. My Slice of Life post today discusses my love for the Wheel of Time series. 
Accompanied by: Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream with the same toppings as his brother. (Thing 2 hates peanut butter - go figure)

Final Scoop:
Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities - by Mike Jung
This is my new Batty About Books choice with Kathy. Delightful news - Library Fanatic will also be joining us for this read! Check back Saturday for our first discussion. 
Accompanied by: Moose Tracks ice cream with the same toppings. 


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