Thirstday - SciFi and a beverage


Insurgent - part of my Book Gap Challenge, since I don't often make the time to read a sequel. I usually breeze through the first book in a series so I can recommend it to others, and then move on. I'm about 100 pages in and definitely enjoying Insurgent. A bit of a slow beginning, but the roller coaster has started to plunge into twists and turns. 

The Fellowship for Alien Detection - I'm excited to get this book started. There's something special about looking forward to a book, but I'm ready to jump in. Big thanks to Walden Pond Press for sending me this ARC! 

Tea - Mandarin Orange Spice in my Marvel mug. 

I don't join in every week, but I had some fun books to share this week with the "Book and a Beverage" crew. Thanks to David Etkin for this fun feature! 


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