Thirstday Refreshing Choices

It's Thursday - time for THIRSTday and a Book and a Beverage

Hosted by Mr. Etkin at Eat the Book

UntitledToday's first Book of Choice is Moon over Manifest. I'm actually listening to this as an audiobook, and the narrator is wonderful! I'm enjoying the story of Kansas in the 1930s. The old fashioned Coke bottle is in Abilene's honor. Of course, I got it to work and realized I couldn't open it, so I just had to stare at the delicious elixir all day. 

It makes the Newbery Challenge much easier to manage when I throw in some of the more recent winners. Otherwise, I'm not sure I would be able to stick to my commitment! 

The second - Curses! Foiled Again -  is a reminder that Jane Yolen has TWO graphic novels that feature a fencing heroine. My boys are fencers, so this one is extra special to me. The second installment is more upper grade friendly than the first was (though they are both classified as YA). 


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