One Little Word

Another week - another Slice of Life. Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more lovely slices. 

While many of my fellow Slicers posted their one little word last week, I needed to think about it. Was it procrastination? Probably. Or maybe it was just my need to try to find a word that would really fit me this year.

Last year's word - Create - was a great word.

This year I decided to go with one that could help me across the board. This year I chose:


What do I need to balance?

Family & work
Reading & writing
Rest & Exercise
Healthy food & treats (no, I'm not giving them up)
Kidlit & "Me" reads

I even devoted last week's Star Wars Thursday post to examining the ideas of balance I can glean from some of my favorite characters.

Now, I'm off to a decent but not fabulous start. A cold from my lovely nephew knocked my energy down a few levels, so I couldn't get my butt on the elliptical like I had planned. The delicious cookies and other treats left from the holiday extravaganza called my name one too many times. Ah well, balance also means trying again each day, right? 


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