It's Monday - December 17th

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I spent the week reading like a fiend, trying to catch up with as many of the Nerdy Nominees as I could manage. Saturday became a mini read-a-thon. Cocooned in my book nest, I tried my best to ignore the awful news from Friday. Still, it intruded. I started See You At Harry's and realized I just can't read that one right now. It's too soon...

Here's the rest of what I read, though.

Newbery - One more Nerdbery down! (That makes 55, for those playing from home)

Picture Book - Science Fiction (Recommended by Kellee!)

Non-Fiction Picture Books - Nerdy Short List

I liked them both - but I think the graphic novel of Annie Sullivan was better than the picture book. I can see that the PB would be better to use with younger kids, though.

Graphic Novels (First three are Nerdy Short List. Last one was due to my son's insistence that I read it.  
Loved Friends with Boys - realistic fiction WITH ghosts? Yes, please!
Teen Boat was quirky fun. I liked the puns, and found the silly humor to be a pleasant addition to the week. 
Babymouse ROCKED. That is all. 

Biography + Graphic Novel (not a Nerdy Short list book)
Fascinating. I wanted to do this as my Sci Friday post, but I didn't have it in me to write one this week. Will most likely appear this coming week. 

(As I write this, I'm about halfway done Year of the Beasts - which is amazing)

Middle Grade Novels:
Loved Humming Room - I think it would be great to get kids to read this and Secret Garden. May B was beautiful. Templeton Twins was good fun. This was a great week of middle grade reading!

Trying to plow through a few more Nerdy Short List books before I cast my vote.... catch you later!


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