Book Gap Challenge

Folks in my real life who know me well will just laugh and laugh when they see this. Book gap? Maria? Doesn't she spend ALL her free time reading?

Well, scoffers, it's true. I do have several book gaps. My shelves are filled to falling down with fantasy and science fiction. I gobble up graphic novels.

Some may say I read like a twelve year old boy Honestly, some do say that. I've heard that exact quote on numerous occasions. I won't get into the diatribe right now about how GIRLS read science fiction too (The record clearly shows that girls have turned to fantasy in record numbers, and I think that if we could get more excellent middle grade science fiction that more girls would get hooked on that genre early as well).

Anyway - all of that is just an overly long segue way into one of my actual "Book Gaps" - one I'd like to work on filling this year.

Sports Books.

My goal? At least 6 this coming year.

I'm going to be blunt here, I'm not a huge sports fan. I do have many students who ARE, though, and I'd like to have good books to recommend to them. So - my friends - recommend away. I'd like to focus on sports books that would be appropriate for middle grades and "clean" young adult.

As a secondary "book gap" challenge, I'd like to also get to all the amazing sequels to the books I already love. I need to finish the Chaos Walking series, read Insurgent, read Necromancing the Stone (it's on my shelf), and many more. 

Hold me to it, nerderati! 


  1. Lupica's Game Changers, Korman's Pop, Any title by Rich Wallace, Tim Grren, Thomas Dygard. Oh, and Carl Deuker! For the girls' sports books, read VanDraanen's The Running Dream, krech's Love Puppies and Corner Kicks, Andrea Montalbo, The Pretty Tough series, and The Boyfriend Game. I' m not a sports fan, but my students LOVE sports books.


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