It's Monday - November 19th

Head on over to Teach Mentor Texts where Jen and Kellee host a whole nerdy horde of bloggers.

I had a pretty slow reading week. Between the exhaustion that comes from preparing for parent conferences (we have them this week - Monday-Wednesday) and spending the whole weekend cleaning, I didn't get a lot of reading time. Cleaning time - oh, plenty of that. Perhaps if we took the time to reorganize the house more than once a year.... but I digress.

So I got another Nerdbery collected...

Ginger Pye wasn't horrible, it was just boring. Almost nothing really happened, and we kept being treated to useless asides.

The two science books were the feature of this week's Sci Friday. I plan to pick up several of this series for my classroom library. Check out my post for a complete review to see if they are right for you.

That was it... the whole ball of wax. I had such noble plans, too!


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