It's Monday Nov 12th

Once again, I share my weekly reading. Not as many books read this week, because I feel like I'm in bit of a slump. Still - enough that it is worth sharing!

Thanks again go to Jen and Kellee for hosting this each week. Check them out at Teach Mentor Texts each Monday for What Are You Reading. Go back every other day for some wonderful mentor text discussion.

(Brief blurbs below)

Boy + Bot was adorable. This would be a perfect addition to a science fiction genre study book list.

Invincible Microbe - can I admit that I'm now a little bit freaked out? The coming infectious apocalypse could just as easily sneak into our lungs through microbes.

I had no Sci Friday post this week because I was busily working on a science fiction post for Teen Librarian Toolbox. I'll let you know when it goes live!

Urban Fantasy:

I listened to Neverwhere, and it was awesome. Wonderful details, wonderful narrator, and a satisfying ending.

Newbery / Nerdbery Challenge:

Amos Fortune - so blechy. A perfect example of how to be completely condescending and racist. On the up side, that makes 53!

Currently Reading:

Working on Insignia with Kathy from The Brain Lair. We skipped posting last week due to other responsibilities, but plan to return this week with our discussion of part 3.

The Pearl - I'm reading this one because my son is reading it at school. I want to be able to help him process it. Not generally my kind of reading.

On Deck:

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