The Dragon Ate My Slice

I was going to write my Slice last night, but the tiny tickle in the back of my throat hatched into a menacing dragon perched directly on my sinuses.

I was going to write my Slice last night, but I was bundled under covers, begging my darling sons to bring me tea and sustenance. A bagel sufficed to help me survive my torment.

I was going to write my Slice today, as the dragon perched on my head has been chased away by the lovely Sir Decongestant. Instead, my trusty steed Netbook came up lame and may need to be put down.

Lady Apple came to my rescue, though her tiny face peers up at me in dismay. Alas, tis the best this Slice will be.

(Composed on my fancy phone. I apologize for not having the SOL image or link to Two Writing Teachers. Blogger app doesn't let me do it)


  1. Persistence, thy name is Maria.

  2. I hope you are feeling better and the dragon has moved on. Even in a dire situation, you have created a piece full of humor.

  3. I hope you feel better. Did the dragon leave, or each another slice?

  4. I am glad the dragon left. You were brave to keep writing when the dragon was bothering you. It's good that lady Apple helped you on the way.


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