It's Monday, What are you reading? Oct 29

Halloween is almost upon us, and Frankenstorm looms just beyond the horizon. Who will survive when the lights go out? It sounds almost like the plot of a post-apocalyptic novel, doesn't it?

No worries here. I'm stocked up on books, writing my IMWAYR post a bit early, and have already posted my weekly Slice. Whew!

Check out other readers at Teach Mentor Texts to get more ideas for your own reading week!

Lots of picture books this week: The science fiction books will be written up for this week's SciFriday post. Come on back to get my thoughts! I also must admit to tearing up just a bit while reading Here Come the Girl Scouts! What a great Girl Power read.

Advanced Copy:
I was proud to be one of the early readers for this Michael Scotto novel. It's not out until 2013, but you should add it to your "want to read" list now! I was a bit nervous to rate it, as I was the first one. Talk about pressure.

This is a very sweet tale of a girl who is learning about family. I highly recommend it for middle grade readers.

Newbery Challenge:
This makes 52/91!

I'm reading this as part of my Newbery Challenge, and also because my third graders are reading it. They love the animal tale, though some of the bigger picture lessons still escape them. I always love this book.

Currently Reading:

Kathy and I are working through Insignia as our current Batty About Books read. I'm adoring this science fiction story. We had a huge discussion this week; looking at the portrayal of women, the science, and the big ideas of the story. Stop by and join in the chat!

I'm also hoping to get caught up on my comics reading and reviewing over the next few days. Wish me well as I read some Spike, Willow, and other Dark Horse Buffy titles.

Currently Listening:
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I think I may be a little in love with this man. Between his voice and his amazing writing style, he's a keeper. This book is not for younger readers (maybe HS and up?). While you are thinking about Neil, he recorded a short (SCARY) story for Audible. Downloads are free, and for each download Audible is giving $1 to charity. It is ONLY available through Halloween, though - so rush! I haven't read it yet, but I keep hearing it is bone chilling.... hmmm..
Anyway - here's the link for "Click-Clack the Rattle Bag"


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