It's Monday, What are you reading? Oct 22

Quick post this week, so I can go back to the books I'm reading! If you want more ideas for fabulous reading, check out the host of "It's Monday" at Teach Mentor Texts. Or search the #IMWAYR tag on twitter. Thanks Jen and Kellee!

I have a few books still "in progress", but I did actually finish a few this week.

Picture Books: 
I enjoyed Creepy Carrots - very entertainingly creepy.

Eeney Meeney Miney Mole by Jane Yolen was one I used as a mentor text in a group where we are focusing on "reading like a writer". The group is now working on Wings by Jane Yolen.

Graphic Novel: 
Fog Zombie: a Mystery About Matter -
     A solid example of a "Fact-ion" book, this one set up as a graphic novel. Kids at a summer camp hear mysterious zombie noises in the fog. They set out to find the cause of the noises, and learn a bit about chemistry (mostly the states of matter) along the way. The kids do some experiments, and there are blurbs about the science concepts build into the story. The back includes a glossary and a recap of the facts.
     As a bit of "wonderful" added in, the main characters are a mixed bag of students. The six main kids at the camp include 2 Hispanic and 2 African American kids. The book also indicates that there are free science online resources. 
     While the story line isn't overly deep, and the science information and experiments sometimes feel a little forced, this is a great introduction to the scientific concepts that is presented in a way that will help kids learn and remember them. I plan to find the others in the series!

Science Fiction:
The Supernaturalist - Colfer
This will be the focus of this week's Sci Friday.

It was a light posting week for me. I was very satisfied with my (non book) post on Tuesday about giving girls choices. "That's all that you'll let her be".

I didn't have a chance to post my Sci Friday because I was packing and then camping with my Cub Scouts. Batty About Books will return Saturday when Kathy and I tackle Insignia. I also plan to finish my ARC of Michael Scotto's newest book, finish at least one more Newbery book, and finish the Wrinkle GN and the second Hereville GN.

Happy reading!


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