It's Monday - What are you reading - Sept 3

I'm writing this on my blogger app from my fancy phone while hanging with my family in the US capital. We've visited the Spy Museum, two Smithsonians, and the National Archives. There will be posts about the experience, once I have a real keyboard!

In the meantime, I apologize for the brevity and lack of links. Oh, and don't forget to come back next week for my Q&A with Ann Aguirre. Her blog tour begins today. I highly recommend Enclave and Outpost (the new one) for those who enjoy YA post- apocalyptic with strong female leads.

Now - on with the show!

Newbery -
I finished King Of The Winds. It was a lovely horse book that took me back to my third grade year. Miss Sink read Misty to us that year. I've never been a "horse girl", but I did enjoy this book.

SciFi -
The Doomsday Machine by Mark Teague. (Middle grades)
Some of you may have seen me tweet earlier this week about a SciFi I considered abandoning. This was it. I'll do a longer review, but for now I'd like to say I'm glad I stuck with it. The gender issues that made me angry at the start became less problematic later in the book. It was funny and a good adventure. I wasn't wowed, but with the dearth of MG SciFi I'd keep it on the shelf. It was funny in many parts, and introduced some cool space and time travel concepts.

The Sagan Diary - by Scalzi (for HS and up)
I got this audio book for free on Audible. Since I adored Old Man's War and wanted to read more of the series, I was excited. This didn't do it for me. It was an interesting concept - the book was a set of mental diary entries by Jane Sagan (a main character in the series). Unfortunately, it was less about action and storyline than I'd like. It was her reflecting on her life. Maybe if I'd read the rest of the series I would jabs liked this one more.

Nonfiction -
Colonizing the Planets and Stars - by Isaac Asimov.
I had seen in a documentary that Asimov wrote a lot of NF as well as his science fiction. This one was published in 1990 and isn't as vibrant as NF I've read that came out in the last few years. Even so, it was a fun combination of science fact and speculation about how we will move past our single home world. A good place to start this kind of discussion for elementary students. I'm going to use it in my space unit this year.

Okay, my hands are seriously cramping now. Typing on a phone isn't a great idea long term. So before I give myself carpal tunnel, I'm signing off. In the meantime, check out the bookstack I bought at the National Archives!


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