It's Monday - August 6th

I'll be on vacation when this post goes live, so I probably won't get a chance to check in with many of your posts until later in the week. Still drop me a comment to let me know you stopped by! If you're here, be sure to hit the Teach Mentor Texts site for more posts to bulk up your own TBR list.

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Wow, my reading definitely slowed down this week. I could almost capture it all in one screen shot! Ah well. The good news is that I got to read two amazing ARCs. Even cooler - when I tweeted about how much I loved Outpost by Ann Aguirre, the rep who is scheduling her blog tour contacted me. I may be hosting a Q&A with her right here in September. Now I'm a nervous wreck about creating just the right questions to ask her! Any tips from "old hands" at this would be greatly appreciated.

Graphic Novels:
So glad I finally read Smile. That one is a real gem. I also continue to enjoy the Knights of the Lunch Table series with all the Arthurian references. Stinky was adorable. G-Man was also great. I loved some of the hidden gems for older readers snuck in there. Harvey? Blech.

Science Fiction (mostly)
Post-apocalyptic novels sometimes have a ton of science, and sometimes don't. Prodigy and Outpost were both wonderful reads (Though Outpost, in my opinion, far outshone Prodigy), but not "true" science fiction. There was some weather/climate science and some high tech in Prodigy. There was some mention of an unknown cause of the Freak mutation in Outpost... but neither of these things really bumped either book into Science Fiction territory. Cyberia got it's own SciFiSummer review on my blog Friday. I didn't adore it, but it could be useful for younger middle grade readers as a science fiction starter.


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