Moments - departures

It's Tuesday, so it's time for another Slice of Life. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting this each week and giving us all a place to share our writing and comment on the writing of others. 

Another segment of a scene. I'm still working on this one... I debated about putting this piece up, but then I decided I didn't want to skip a week. I'll try to have the scene finished next week. 

“Cassandra and Meghan, we need to get going!”

I stuck my head out the window, hollered, “Almost done, Aunt D!” and scooped up the last of my books and notepads. When I jammed them into my bag on top of my neatly folded clothing, careful not to disturb my careful packing, Cassie laughed at me.

“Relax, Megs. We don’t really need to go yet. My mom is making us head out way too early, and we’ll get stuck sitting around for hours. I’m not even packed yet.”

“God Cassie, get moving!” I tossed a pillow at her head. “If she decides to leave us home, I’ll kill you!”
Must you bring all those books, Meg?” Cass grunted as she picked up one of my bags.

“Only if you abandon your sketch pad.”

We glared at each other for a moment, and then burst into laughter. With linked arms we dashed out my door.

My heart soared at the thought of an entire week away from our little town. Neither of us had ever gone farther than our bikes could take us in a single afternoon. Cassie could sketch the sky over the open sea. I could listen in on Aunt D’s conference and read without my mom constantly interrupting me to help out around the house. It was the perfect way to celebrate our shared midsummer birthday.

“Here’s my bag, Aunt D. I’ll get Cassie moving, honest.” She just grinned and ruffled my hair.

For all her talk of making her mother wait, Cassandra packed quickly. Her clothes were already spread out on her bed, and her travel art kit sat by the door. I made an attempt to fold her shorts, but she just shoved me out of the way and stuffed it all into one big duffle.

“Honestly, Meghan. Don’t keep my mother waiting. Sheesh! Maybe we should leave you here to rot.”

I felt the blood rush out of my face as the whispers started.

“Going… going….?”
“Packing…. leaving?”
“No… no….NO! ”

“Megs? What’s wrong? I’m kidding. I wouldn’t go anywhere without you. Meghan?”

I waved off her concern and sank into the beanbag on her floor.

“I’m fine, honest. Finish packing” I tried smiling, but just couldn’t make the expression work on my face. It didn’t matter, though, because the buzzing wings in my ears meant her attention would be captured. 


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