It's Monday July 9th

Thanks to Teach Mentor Texts for hosting this each week. If I don't make it to your blog to check out your reading, I apologize.  I'm at a teaching conference this week (starting Sunday) which may prevent me from getting to a lot, and next week's post will be much shorter. 

Summer Throwdown continues, and so does the extreme reading! I'm going to continue the image snippets this week, to make it easier to share.

Comics! I was trying to finish up with some comics I'd borrowed from a friend. This week was devoted to the friendly neighborhood crime fighter - Peter Parker.

Graphic Novels - Continuing my quest to read all the Babymouse (though I'm so sad I didn't win the Babymouse photo contest!) This week's extra special gem, though, was the Annie Sullivan GN. If you are at all interested in Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller - I HIGHLY recommend that book. I didn't know much about Annie's life and this was a powerful read.

Historical Fiction (sort of). My son insists on reading all of these books, and it was sitting in the car when I had a "book emergency". I'm fascinated with Abraham Lincoln - thanks to the recent movie. This book, though, was not very good. Not nearly up to the standard of many of the others.

Newbery: I was able to snag some audio books for my drive to Connecticut for my conference. Yes, I purposefully chose some short ones so I could add to my Summer Throwdown count! I enjoyed Joyful Noise more than I expected to, and I really loved the Lincoln book. It was a "photobiography", so I'll have to get a hard copy of the book so I can check those out. My Nerdbery Challenge continues to go well. I need to do an official Nerdbery post at some point...

Poetry: I write some poetry, but don't read a lot. I even had to add this shelf on my GR site for this week. I think these would actually work as mentor texts to show kids about writing poems to nontraditional topics.

Science Fiction - SciFiSummer!
I didn't do star ratings for Obsidian Blade because Kathy (@thebrainlair) and I are using that as our latest Batty About Books chat... I wait until we're done chatting to rate it. I will do an official SciFi Summer post soon to discuss these books.

Next week will be shorter, as my conference will take up a ton of time this week. 


  1. My goodness, you read a TON this week! I think I read 3 novels :(. Many Waters = love. I adore the entire Time Quintet. Across the Universe is another sci-fi favorite. Enjoy your conference!


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