It's Monday July 23

Thanks to Jen and Kellee at Teach Mentor Texts for this wonderful weekly chance to share what I'm reading... and to find new books for my endless TBR list.

I wrapped up #SummerThrowdown round one with a bunch of graphic novels. I'm also in preparation mode for several #ArcTours, so I read Enclave and Shatter Me. I have Legend on hold at my local library. While I'm on the topic, can someone explain to me how I didn't know until recently about the beauty of the "place hold" button my library's website? My books arrive, I get an email, and I can just go straight to the desk to grab the books I need. Sweet.

ArcTour Preparation:
Thanks to some amazing twitter peeps, I'll get to participate in a group read of a few upcoming titles. Reading the first books in these series was on my "to do" list, but prepping for the ARCs bumped them to the top of the stack. Both were amazing.

Graphic Novels:  My "surprise" this week was the Korgi series. Both were wordless, and both were amazingly beautiful. Lovely illustrations and a tale of adventure and whimsy. Bone continued to please. I love the mix of scary and sweet - it's like a chocolate covered pretzel. Another surprise was the Secret Science Alliance. I hadn't heard of this one before (though when I added it on Goodreads I saw that Kellee has it marked as "to read"). My sons, who are both in love with science and inventions, adored this book. I hope there is a plan to make another in this series!

Kate Messner continues to thrill. Another wonderful middle grades book that I can't wait to recommend to my students in the fall!

I continue my pursuit of collecting all 91 Nerdberries in two years. I only completed one Newbery this week, though. It wasn't bad.


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