It’s Monday, What are you reading? June 4th

Big thanks to Teach Mentor Texts for hosting this each week. 

I’m gearing up for SciFiSummer and Teachers Write! Should be exciting!

Newbery:  (for those playing from home, this puts me at 33/91 complete!)
The White Stag – a folklorish story about the coming of Attila. It was short, and interesting. I wouldn’t give it an award today, but I enjoyed it. This was my last of the 30s Newbery books. Whoo hoo!

Sounder – This was another book that I thought was okay, but not amazing. I believe I’ve read it in the past and found it more powerful, but it didn’t really do anything for me this time around.

Fun, fun, fun! Both highly recommended

Stink and the Midnight Zombie Walk – Megan McDonald. I adore the Stink books, and this was adorable. The whole school (and town) gets into the game of preparing for a new kid zombie book. Loved it. Great for kids starting off on chapter books.

Princeless – Jeremy Whitley.  This is the trade paperback that includes the first 4 issues of the comic Princeless – Save Yourself. I absolutely adore it. Adrienne is a kick butt princess who also happens to be a princess of color. It’s a fabulous combination. Yes, there is a strong female main character, but my sons both devoured it and declared it “very funny”. I love books that have strong girls that ALSO appeal to boys. My mantra is, “you can’t change the world if you only change the girls”. Make sure the boys see strong girls, too. Check out my full reviews for the first 3 issues at Fandom Post here. Issue 3 was nominated for an Eisner.

Upcoming plans:
I’m focusing on my SciFiSummer plans, and I’ll try to also hit some Newbery. I picked up Old Man’s War (Scalzi) and First Light (Steed) to work on this week. I’ll also be finishing and posting about the second chunk of Dragon Castle with The Book Lair this week. 


  1. The Princeless series sounds like something my girls would like. I think it speaks volumes that your boys liked it, too! :)


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