It’s Monday – June 25th

It has been an incredible reading week. My highly competitive nature kicked up a notch when summer throwdown began. Thanks to Teach Mentor Texts for hosting this each week! I’ll keep it short here…

Graphic Novels / Comics

Babymouse:  I continued my quest to read them all! Love love love the geeky references!
Cupcake Tycoon               Skater Girl           Mad Scientist
Queen of the World       Dragonslayer     Monster Mash

Lunch Lady –  I read 2 - the summer camp shakedown & the bake sale bandit  Fun tales, silly stories.  Dee still annoys me a lot, though.

Flying Beaver Brothers – I read two. Evil Penguin Plan and Fishy Business. Cute and silly, but not on my favorite list.

Rapunzel’s Revenge – Loved it! I’ve always harbored a secret desire to write a story for Gothel. I found this reignited my curiosity about her character.

Early Chapter Books

Marty McGuire Digs Worms! – Messner. Wow, this was wonderful! Move it to the top of your list, pronto.  
Starring Grace – by Mary Hoffman. This one was sweet, but didn’t make me jump up and sing.

Picture Books:

Bink and Gollie – Adored this! Love these girls and the illustrations are wonderful. Is this a picture book? Really early chapter book?

Me… Jane.  – Wonderful. Very quick and easy read, but the pictures were fabulous.

Historical Fiction:

Lions of Little Rock.  Go forth and read this book – at once. Amazing characters, wonderful writing, gripping story.

Not Classifiable:

The One and Only Ivan – I started this book on Sunday afternoon and didn’t expect to finish it in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down.

Science Fiction (visit my SciFi Summer post from yesterday for more details on these and the ones from last week. I give ideas on science concepts covered, historical tie ins, and the kinds of “what if” and “wonder” questions they could inspire.)

Fahrenheit 451 (Kathy and I discussed this one at length in our weekly Batty About Books posts)

The Softwire: Virus on Orbis 1 – I really enjoyed this one.

Black Hole Sun – This was a keeper. I kept saying, “I want to read just one more chapter” even as my eyes started to close.

Daniel Boone – YAWN. Read like a high school paper on Boone instead of the exciting story it could have been. Unlike Black Hole Sun, I kept saying, “come on, Maria… you can make it through… just one more chapter and you can take a break.”


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