Our First Free Comic Book Day!

I'm relatively new to the comics scene, so this was my very first time heading out to acquire comics on Free Comic Book Day. With all the hype, I just wasn't quite sure what to expect. I've been to the "local" comics store a few times, though I buy more of my comics for the iPad to put off the day when my house will be so full of books and comics that I require a Hoarders intervention.

I knew I wanted to be part of this geeky holiday, though, so I donned my geeky gear (Buffy shirt, Leia earrings, and Batgirl sneakers) and prepped my sons (fourth and second graders) for what we might expect.

"There may be a lot of people there," I was told, so we jumped in the car early enough to arrive thirty minutes before the opening to secure a spot in the front of the line. Pulling into the parking lot at the mall, though, it was obvious that we weren't going to be competing with large crowds. Once we made it to the front of the store, we were one of only a handful of small groups waiting for the store to open. It did give the boys a chance to check out the offerings, since the front display showed off their assortment of free selections. It also gave them a chance to peek in and discover other "must have" comics.
Untitled      Untitled
The event was pretty low key at Showcase Comics. They had everything I was hoping to get, though, so that's a plus. Honestly, if there had been a massive line or a huge event, I might have been intimidated. As it was, the men working in the shop were pleasantly chatty, polite, and helpful. There were a few girls that came in with dads and brothers, though I didn't get a peek at what they were choosing.

What did we get? 
Free Comics:
Untitled     Just for me:
Buffy/ The Guild and Star Wars/Serenity. I was psyched to see an Alabaster story included in there, and I can't wait to sit down and read them!
The New 52 -I'm excited to see the mystery lady in this one!

     The Boys' Selections:
Mega Man
UntitledSonic the Hedgehog
UntitledArchaia's hardcover anthology. (Okay, this is totally for me as well). I'm anxiously awaiting Cow Boy, so I was thrilled to see a story in this anthology.
DC - Family Adventures and Green Lantern / Young Justice sampler.
Atomic Robo

     For the Classroom
Peanuts / Adventure Time. I'll admit, I mostly picked this one up because I have a student who is gaga over Peanuts. I'm also curious about Adventure Time, because several people online were chatting about it.

New treasures purchased: 

Tiny Titans: Field Trippin' - We had another Tiny Titans that both boys read over and over (and then it made it's way to my classroom). So I was thrilled to grab another trade of this team.

UntitledSmallville - Superman isn't my favorite hero, but I picked up the first part digitally and I wanted to support the team on this title.

The Sandman volume 1. I keep talking myself into and out of starting up on Sandman. I adore the novels by Gaiman, and I seem to recall enjoying a roommate's copy of Sandman in college. So today I took the plunge and snagged it.

Essential Daredevil. - My husband has several compilations of early heroes, and I know I like this character. So I decided to give it a go.

Ender's Shadow - Command School. My older son just finished reading Ender's Game in book form (I'm pretty sure he read it twice over the course of three days) and is halfway through Ender's Shadow. He refused to leave the store without this graphic novel, even though it did slightly spoil the ending of the book for him. Seeing as how he willingly rereads books multiple times, I'm not worried that it will keep him from reading the rest of the novel.



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