Sensitive Sons

sols_5-years_w1It's "Slice of Life" day. I posted a piece of writing every day in March - and over the rest of the year we try to post every Tuesday.

Just a quick little reflection on the nature of sensitive sons.

Yes, we all claim we want to have boys who are more in touch in with their emotions, right? Well, some days I'm less sure of that than others.

I am the proud owner ... er.. mother of two highly sensitive boys. The oldest is 10, but has become incredibly moody (does puberty really start this early?). The other is 8, and is a button pusher. You know - the kind of child who can always find those buttons that make other people crazy? Ah, perhaps you are seeing the problem now, yes? The older son has REALLY easy to find buttons right now, and I get the brunt of the crazy.

Then we have the added joy of the change of the seasons, and the nearing of the end of the school year. Why are those two things problems for my sensitive sons, you ask?

Season changes mean clothing changes. Something as simple as going from jeans to shorts, or long sleeve shirts to short sleeves can spark an implosion when you have sensitive children. Nothing "feels right". Want to know how I spent my morning? I got the important job of sock shaver. The younger one felt like his socks were uncomfortable, so I turned them inside out and cut the excess fuzz out of the socks.

Yes, I want my sons to feel comfortable expressing their emotions. I want them to know it's okay to be upset - frustrated - or sad. The trick is helping them find a balance. As a child, no one really pestered me when I burst into tears (though I did have a few darling male elementary school teachers who were flummoxed and bewildered by my highly sensitive nature). As boys, though, I worry about them. Will they be teased? Will they be bullied? So, you see, they need to learn the fine art of hiding their sensitivities much sooner than I did.


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