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It never fails.

I’m relaxed. It was a wonderful break. Sometimes it’s just a normal weekend, and sometimes it’s longer. No matter how long the break may be, I’m so very careful not to completely disrupt my sleep schedule. Maybe I stay up a little bit longer. Maybe I sleep in just a hair each morning.

Some vacations I take home work and actually do it. Some breaks I decide to give myself – wait for it – an actual break from work. I know what needs to be done when I arrive at school after any length of break. I’ve been doing this job long enough that even if I did forget something, I would be able to dive in and figure it out.

Yet – it never fails.

My reward for all this careful diligence is a tossing, turning, sleepless night. Is there some reason my brain seems to think this is a good idea? Perhaps there is some evolutionary benefit I’m from the insomnia I experience each time I head back to work? If so, I’d really like to be clued into what it does for me.
Tired and cranky doesn’t really appear to be a helpful trait when teaching young souls.

(While you’re here at the blog, check out the poems I’ve been writing for National Poetry Month! I’ve written one each day this month, based on a visual prompt at Bud the Teacher’s blog.) 


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