A-Okay to Reread in April – April 14, 2012

A-Okay to Reread in April – April 14, 2012

Ooo... I am loving this! Check out the “A-Okay to Reread in April” challenge at Teach Mentor Texts. This post started its life as a comment on second posting by Jen Vincent about her reading progress on this challenge. It was so long I decided to make it my very own post. My blog was feeling lonely.

So far I have reread Wind in the Door (I read it with my son, who is now obsessed with the Murry clan). I still adore how L'Engle blends some serious science into her science fiction, even though it is for kids. I also love the depth of her thoughts. In this book, Names are given incredible power - and knowing and understanding someone (faults and all) is the highest treasure. Love it!

I also reread Midwife's Apprentice. I'm using this April reread challenge to hit some of the Newberys I've already read, and counting it into my Newbery challenge. I've finished 19 of the 91 Newberys so far this year. Not bad for a "no stress" challenge.

Next on my plate are some Yolen picture books. I brought home some of my absolute favorites - Tam Lin, Dove Isabeau, and Ballad of the Pirate Queens. I also brought home her first graphic novel – The Last Dragon – which was my maiden voyage into reviewing for the Fandom Post. I may also tackle one of her chapter books as a reread this month.

Also, I'm about to go grab Graveyard Book as an audio (just got my email from Audible that I have my next credit). I absolutely adore that book - I've read it twice - and I'm looking forward to hearing Gaiman's voice narrate it. I'm currently listening to Miracles on Maple Hill (that's not a reread, but it was an inexpensive buy on Audible). 

Hmm... this was a long comment. I should make it my own post as well *chuckles* Big thanks to Jen (@mentortexts) for the encouragement to reread! Sometimes I feel like I need to keep moving on, but going back “home” is always a great feeling. 


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