Many years later... Poem 11

The 11th poem of the month. I think I may make it all the way through! As with the other poems, today's was inspired by a visual prompt from Bud the Teacher's blog. It was an image of a disheveled young adult peering into a refrigerator with a look of surprise. Check it out and get inspired too! 

Many years later…

A simple day -
An ordinary moment

Peering into the fridge I
mentally rehearse the
grocery list.

Softly sighing,
I barely remember the magic
that once filled me.

From the edges of my mind
comes the faint whisper of
a roar.

Surely that isn’t a
peeking out from
behind the wilting lettuce?

Scratching a note on the
back of a Chinese menu, I
dart inside and
slam the door behind me.

“Don’t expect my return,
I’ve rediscovered

Love to all,


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