Looks like we made it - Poem 5

Another poem inspired by the visual prompts from Bud the Teacher's blog - in honor of poetry month! Today's prompt was an image of two older women grinning like crazy and holding up a trophy. 

“Looks like we made it”

The children are grown,
gently shooed out of the nest.
Though our basements, closets, and garages still
do double duty as storage sheds for the lingering
remains of their younger years.
It’s our time now.

Remember that list of “somedays” we wrote?
                You know - on the napkins at your wedding
                And the scraps of paper at my baby shower?
We vowed we’d do all those crazy things we put off
                “Too busy carting them around”
                “Maybe when the kids are grown”
It’s our time now.

Slap on that wacky hat, my friend.
Bring out the bucket of paint.
                We’re painting the town red.
We’re not going home until every damned item
                gets crossed off those lists.
It’s our time now. 


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