It’s Monday, What are you reading? April 16th

Time for my weekly update! 

(audio) Miracles on Maple Hill – I’ll reflect on this one fully in a Newbery update post. Suffice it to say that I’ve enjoyed it, but it really drove home the way our culture has changed over the years. The gender roles are so old fashioned! There are times when the little girl who is the main character says things like “I’m so glad I’m not a boy. Boys can’t say stupid things.” The descriptions of nature in the text are lovely, though, and it has me curious about herbs and plants again.

Batty About Books (my book club with Kathy – aka @thebrainlair )
Graceling – by Kristin Cashore. I finished this one up this week. I loved it! You can check out my discussion with my book buddy on my blog. We’ll be discussing the ending this week.
A World Without Heroes – by Brandon Mull. I’m just starting this one up, as Kathy and I chose it as our next discussion book.

Read Alouds with my Sons
(a “reread” for April) Wind in the Door – we finished this one, and move on to Swiftly Tilting Planet. Jared is quite hooked on the Murry clan, and tends to read a few pages ahead each night once I’ve left him. He’s engaged and curious about the events and the science in the stories. I’m surprised, as I thought this would be too intense for his age. Hey, I’ll follow his lead, since I love these books.
Lost Hero – since I only read about 15 pages a night, this one is going to take a while! I do love Riordan’s writing style and his sense of humor. I love the fact that these books have caused a resurgence of interest in mythology in the current reading generation.

Comics and Graphic Novels
Light week here; really just the ones I review. I read the latest Buffy #8, the start of a new series called Alabaster Wolves (really, really cool!) and Dawn of the Jedi #3.
I’m anxiously awaiting my copy of Giants Beware! It is on the way to me right now. I was hoping I’d have it to read this weekend, but no such luck!

Picture Books
I don’t usually dedicate time to reading picture books, but Jen’s A-Okay challenge made up my mind. I grabbed some of my favorite Jane Yolen picture books to read.
Dove Isabeau. Gorgeous words, gorgeous images. This is a fairy tale of a young lady who is quiet and gentle, but loved by a king’s son for the “fire that lay beneath the skin”. When she is turned into a dragon by her wicked stepmother, that fire has no choice but to come to the surface. 
Tam Lin - another beauty. This one is based on a Scottish ballad that I love (you need to hear it!). I went through a Celtish folk music phase in college and discovered bands like Fairport Convention. This was one of my favorite ballads, so I was so excited to find it in picture book form. (for the record, there is also a really amazing chapter book based on it. I need to find that book again)


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