It’s Monday, What are you reading? April 9th

I have a lot of books completed this week, since it was spring break! Some count as my Newbery Challenge, some I’m taking on as part of the April “A-Okay to Reread” month. Check out other posters at Teach Mentor Texts. Don't blame me if your reading list goes crazy, though! 

Newbery Challenge:

Bud, Not Buddy (2000). I listened to this one, and I adored the narrator (the author himself narrated it). This is a wonderful historical fiction story from the Depression. Highly recommend it. I loved the way Bud talked, and I loved his spirit.

Young Fu (1933) Others didn’t like it, but I didn’t find it all that bad. It reminded me a lot of Johnny Tremain. A young apprentice grows and learns in the midst of a rebellion. Unlike Johnny (which I did enjoy more than Fu), there isn’t as much history built into the story. I missed that, especially.

(April “reread”) Midwife’s Apprentice -  This was a quick read. I enjoy this one every time I read it. Brat – Beetle – Alyce captures my heart, and I love medieval stories. In spite of the fact that it’s a short, easy read, it’s not for the younger crew. There is enough childbirth description in it that I wouldn’t use it before early middle school, unless you know the child could handle it.

Science Fiction / Fantasy (while you're here, come tell me what you think about using science fiction and fantasy in instruction at my first "Why Sci Fi?" post.

Graceling (finished part 2, working on part 3). Check out the discussion Kathy (@thebrainlair) and I are having about this book on our blogs (check out the part on my blog here and on Kathy’s blog here)  – though there ARE spoilers!

Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom  - Healey.  First, let me say I greatly appreciate the friend who sent me her copy of this ARC. This was a well written, funny, energetic romp of a book. I always enjoy flipped gender roles, and this one was great. There are four heroes – all have been lumped into the “Prince Charming” role in the stories told by the bards. Each of them brings something wonderfully unique to their “League of Princes”. The princesses are also a hoot. Add this to your list!

Neversink by Barry Wolverton. I really loved this book. I might be slightly biased by the fact that my son adored it – but only a little. Lots of fun, great humor, and some wonderful historical lessons built into this story. My son, if you didn’t know, is a huge fan of puffins.

Project Puffin:  A nonfiction book - the tale of how the Audubon Society worked to bring puffins back to Egg Rock and Seal Island. My son and I adopted a puffin through Audubon and he got his information recently. He was so proud!

Read Alouds with my Sons:
(April “reread”) A Wind in the Door – Yes, I’m reading this to my second grader. Honestly, he loved Wrinkle in Time, and our discussions showed that he understood more of it than I expected. He insisted on hearing (and reading) what happens next to Charles Wallace. He often dashes ahead of where I’ve read, and then breathlessly comes to tell me what happened. He still expects me to read it to him, though, even the parts he’s already read to himself.

Lost Hero  - this one will take a while, as many nights go by when he is so busy we can’t stay up to read. He’s in fourth grade, so baseball, concerts, and Cub Scouts compete for his attention. He’s always sad when we can’t read, though.. 


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