It’s Monday – April 30th!

Wow, did we really hit the end of the month already? How exactly does time fly by so quickly?

Once again, I feel like I didn’t get as much read as I would like. But I’m thankful for my car ride and the audio books that I never thought I would like.

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(audio & April ReRead) The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. This book is absolutely amazing. I’ve read it twice, and this time I listened to it. If you haven’t read anything by Gaiman, you absolutely must try this one. Yes, it’s creepy. The story is set in a graveyard, and it begins with grisly murders (Though they aren’t described too gruesomely). What transpires, though, is a story about family, growing up, and finding where you belong. As an added bonus, Neil’s voice makes this audio something special.

(April ReRead) The Hero and the Crown – by Robin McKinley. This is a beautiful fantasy novel. If you love Graceling, but are afraid to hand it to the younger crowd, give this one a try. It has similar themes and beautiful prose, but treads more lightly with the romance.

Adult Fiction (though okay for high school, definitely)

Finding Home: Community in Apocalyptic Worlds.  I discovered this book of short stories through a review on Geek Dad. Since I had delved into the dystopian and post-apocalyptic genre study for a Teach Mentor Texts blog hop, this book jumped out at me. I finally had the chance to read it. Some of the stories were better than others, of course, but there were some really unique looks at how we could survive, thrive, and find our humanity again after “The end”.

Batty About Books:
Kathy and I are reading A World Without Heroes as our next buddy book. We’ll be splitting it into 5 sections since it is a long one. We should have our first post up this Friday. It’s good so far, but no Graceling


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