A Writer's Eye

sols_5-years_w1  I'm attempting to write every day as part of the Slice of Life Challenge!

A writer’s eye.

What does it mean to be a writer? It’s a question that I often ponder as I vacillate between being and not being a writer. What’s the biggest difference to me? When I am living a writer’s life, I see with a writer’s eye.

Little things jump out at me. I notice, I observe, I’m attracted to the vagaries of shape and color. The tiniest detail - like a lone Advil lying abandoned on the blacktop of a parking lot – beckons me, begging me to pen a tale.

When my writer’s eye is alert, I notice, I observe. What tale could begin with sunlight sparkling on a spider’s web? Perhaps that is how E.B. White found inspiration. My spark may be as simple as that lone Advil, or as dramatic as a solitary tree silhouetted against the twilight sky.

The true question is this; will I notice, or will those little moments pass me by?

This is my challenge to myself for the March Slice Challenge.

Notice, write, and remember.


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