Thank Me. Never mind, I'll do it

I’m attempting to write every day in March as part of the Slice of Life challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Come on by!

Some jobs gain you accolades, a big paycheck, and undying love from millions of fans around the globe. Some jobs put a spring in your step, a smile on your face, and a song in your heart.

This post isn’t about those jobs.

No, it’s not about teaching, either. While the national culture right now is engaging in teacher bashing galore, my parents and students are clear in their appreciation of the work I do. My principal appreciates me, too. Teaching gifted learners is my passion, and I love the chance to make a difference in the lives of my students.
This post is about housework.

How many times have your children looked you in the eye and said, “Thanks for going out early in the morning on your day off to buy us groceries.”? Next time you schlep out to the store, remember to thank yourself.

How many times do you hear, “Wow! Thanks for getting those clothes clean for me!” Yeah, that’s what I thought. I usually hear, “Ummm… is that shirt clean yet?” or “Why do I have no socks?” The answer, of course, is that those socks are spread all around the floor in his room, and never made it to the laundry basket. So the next time you heave a sigh of relief because your laundry pile is empty – for one shining moment until the next outfit hits the pile– remember to thank yourself. Even if you do let those shirts get wrinkled and refuse to iron them, like I do.

How many times do you hear, “Hey, you rock! We always have clean dishes and forks to use. Thanks so much!”? I bet I’m making my point, right?

They aren’t going to thank you every time you do one of these thankless tasks. You know it, I know it. So take a few moments and thank yourself. You’ll feel better. Or at the very least you’ll have the satisfaction of having the kids and spouse think you’re nuts. That’s fun too.

Thank me


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