Sounds of “Silence”

I’m attempting to write every day as part of the “Slice of Life” Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Stop by! 
Okay, this time I’m truly serious that this will be a short slice. I had a comic review for the latest Buffy comic go live on Tuesday and I’m working on my Star Wars Thursday post that will go live today. I’m also working on my “Reading Life” post for the Nerdy Book Club site that needs to be submitted on Saturday. Whew! This writing thing is insane!
My school is in the midst of our State Testing Mania. Today was the second day of testing. As I sat and monitored my fifth graders, I noticed something. Silence, at least in my room, is never really silent.
Sounds of “Silence”
Staccato drumming eraser tips.
Soft sighs
Rustling pages
Sniffles, sneezes, and snorts
Stifled giggles
     …Okay, that was from me.
     Bone gets me every time.
“Sorry, guys”, I apologize and switch to less amusing fare. 
I ended up switching from my latest volume of Bone to reading my current Newbery for my Nerdbery Challenge. It wasn’t nearly as funny. If you haven’t read Bone, I highly recommend it! 


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