Shoveling Blueberries in Winter


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“Please, please can I get blueberries?” a little boy smiles endearingly at his father in the grocery store.

Yes, that’s my little boy. He’s the one who came home with ten dollars’ worth of blueberries in a small plastic container in February. Somehow the idea that blueberries are so much more expensive in the winter just doesn’t faze him.

As he shovels them into his mouth, little boy handfuls at a time, I just smile and sigh.

“Can’t you slow down and enjoy those blueberries, my love?” I ask.

Breathlessly, he shakes his head at me. “Mom,” he groans, “don’t you know that when you are really enjoying yourself time goes really quickly?”

How can I argue with that logic; especially when it’s accompanied by a devilish twinkle in his eyes and a single raised eyebrow? Ladies, beware. This little boy has charm aplenty.



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