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Blogging Joys and Frustrations!

First, let me thank all of you who stuck with me through all the crazy blog issues. Up, down, up, down – I’m getting a headache!

Click “publish” – will it appear? Will the link work? When will the blog finally decide to show my post to the world… and when will it randomly decide to take the link back down? Quick – post it on Tumblr instead, even though I can’t figure out how to get the images to appear.

Thankfully, my loving husband decided to throw in the towel on my old blogging service and move me over to Blogger. I still have access to my old site so that I can move my other posts over here, and I intend to get them all over here so they are together. The comments won’t show here, but I still treasure all the things everyone had to say about them. I use Disqus as my commenting engine, so I still have those comments – they just won’t show up here any longer.

So – on to the next stage of my Bloggy life. I even downloaded the Blogger app for my iPhone so that I can blog on the go. I’ll give that a whirl during my camping trip this weekend, so we’ll see!

Speaking of which – I leave to go camping on Friday evening and won’t be back until Sunday. I’ll be setting up a post to go live on Saturday. I SAID I would slice every day and DARN IT, I intend to do so. I’ll try to create an actual post while out there, but just in case... there WILL be one up. Here’s hoping I can get it linked to the site. I’m a bit competitive, you see, and that will mean I’ve posted EVERY day in March! When you visit that post, also check out my Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic post (which goes live today because of the camping trip) that is part of the blog hop hosted by Teach Mentor Texts! Visit their site on Saturday for more amazing posts. 

One more to go, my friends. Though I have no intention of stopping J


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