The Oddball Deviation


I’m attempting to write every day in March as part of the Slice of Life challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Come on by!

“You’re a bit…strange.”

This is a phrase that has been applied to me since my earliest recollection. From preferring to hang out in my tree house and read science fiction to my odd fascination with space exploration and aliens, I’ve always been a bit out of step with the crowd. During the days when little girls added small hearts to their signatures, I insisted on adding a lame little sketch of Saturn.

So, as an adult, I find it a source of boundless joy to find ways to accentuate my differences at work. Thankfully, as a gifted resource specialist, I seem to be given the same kind of “pass” that usually applies to art and drama teachers.

“Mrs. Selke, it’s twin day,” a student comments as she gawks at me while entering the room.
“Yes, I know, friends.”
“So why are you dressed up as Leia?” another child inquires.
“Leia’s a twin, right?” I respond. Crickets chirp in the background, and then a few giggles. Yes, my students are also crazy and they get it.

The lunchroom is abuzz with the latest news about American Idol or the exploits of some member of the reality TV circuit. I glance around, hoping to find someone with which I can discuss the most recent episodes of Walking Dead or Big Bang Theory. Discussing movies is just as unlikely. Yes, I do occasionally indulge in ‘chick flicks’, but I’m much more likely to want to chat about the latest superhero, alien, or vampire movie that hit the big screen. No, not Twilight. Anyone want to join me for the spring showings of Avengers or Batman, The Dark Knight?

Wookiee PatronusTeachers in my building chuckle good-naturedly as I celebrate important milestones of the year like “Talk like a pirate day”, “Pi Day”, and “May the Fourth Be With You” day. We have a yearly basketball game against the fifth graders. My number? 3.14. Oh yeah, I went there. Whenever I can, I toss on a geeky tee shirt to face the day. What’s your patronus?


I found this shirt on Red Bubble!

We tell kids to, “be yourself, right?” Honestly, I’m just trying to lead by example. I’m so thankful for places like Twitter. Not only have I found the company of like-minded members of the Nerdy Book Club, I’ve also
found a plethora of fellow Geek Girls. Whew. I may even make it to the Geek Girl Con one of these years.

Who knew? I’m not alone.

Just like in elementary school, I revel in my strangeness. Back then, when someone asked me if I knew I was strange, I would respond gleefully, “Yes, I’m from Saturn”. I don’t say that now – but I think about it.


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