Just Another Manic Wednesday

I’m attempting to write every day in March as part of the Slice of Life challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Come on by!

I’ll come right out and admit it – I’m not feeling inspired today. I hang my head in shame at the very thought.
While I’ve been dutifully keeping track of all my writing ideas, none of them have struck my fancy as I sit at my computer this morning. That may have something to do with the fact that my insanely busy day looms ahead of me.

Wednesdays, especially the first Wednesday of the month, are absolutely crazy. The day begins, as all my work days begin, with getting everyone ready for work and school. My husband is a wonderful human being – but he is NOT a morning person. He takes on his full share of other home duties, but mornings aren’t one of them. Thus, the role of household ringmaster and cattle driver falls entirely to me.

“Please don’t drip jelly on the floor.”

“Do you have your backpack packed?”

“Please remember to put your deodorant on so you don’t smell like butt.”
(Why yes, we do actually say that to the kids. It makes the adults in the house laugh and it helps small boys remember the task.)

“What fruit do you want in your lunch today?”  
(Oh, crap, can’t forget my own lunch. Teachers don’t have the option of leaving the building long enough to go grab a bite, right?)

Okay, so all of the above are things that I need to handle EVERY morning. So what makes the first Wednesday of the month “extra special”?

Faculty Meeting. Normally my pre-instructional mornings are spent running around with photocopies in hand, or wielding a pen in my quest to score journals or quizzes. The first Wednesday of the month, though, I have to cram all of that into about 5 minutes.

Zero Planning Time. In my building classroom teachers always have the stretch when students are in lunch and “specials” as planning time.  As a resource teacher, I instruct students from first to fifth grade. So there really is no dedicated time for me. Wednesday is just one of those days when my schedule just didn’t allow a break. I do get twenty minutes to scarf down my lunch though. Yeah, that’s just fine.

Cub Scouts. As if being a working mom wasn’t enough, I’m also the den mom for my younger son. Wrangling 13 second graders is… well… an experience. I have a co-leader, and the parents are great, but it’s still an evening with zero down time. This week is especially  nuts because I had to put together craft kits. I spent Tuesday night handling all of that!

I’m not feeling very inspired today. Maybe it is the busy day that looms ahead of me. Or it’s the fact that my normally sleepy boys woke up early this morning and interrupted my quiet time with their sprightly chatter. Darn those happy kids.


My boys, busily finishing homework so I can take them to Cub Scouts tonight. 


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