It's Monday - What are you reading? March 19

Be sure to check out the other posts in this meme at Teach Mentor Texts. Of course, that might lead to an out of control wish list… but worse things have happened.

Hmm… not sure why, but I got through more this week than last week!

Graphic Novels and Comics

Zeus – by George O’Connor. This is a fabulous, gorgeous book! While it's about "Zeus", it really tells the whole tale of the start of creation - according to Greek Mythology - and how Zeus rescued his siblings (with the help of Metis, of course). I often think of Zeus as a bit of a "jerk", so it was nice that this book focused on the start of his journey. Amazing art, full of action.

Bone vol 4 (Dragonslayer) by Jeff Smith. I’m still adoring this series. This is the last volume that I already own… I’m already twitching because I want the next.

Womanthology: Heroic– I’m only about 10% through, but I’m adoring this anthology. Have you ever heard of Kickstarter? This book was published using “crowdsourcing” backing, in an effort to help women break into comics. I’m so proud to have been a backer on this project.

Batgirl #7 – Gail Simone (writer). One of my favorite of the New DC 52. Barbara Gordon is amazing as Batgirl.

Buffy  Season 9 # 7 – I review this comic for The Fandom Post. This wasn’t my very favorite issue, as the ending felt very forced. Overall, though, I’m enjoying this season of the comic.

Dawn of the Jedi #2 – As much as I adore Star Wars, I hadn’t read any of the ongoing comic series before now. This one just got rolling, though, so I jumped on board. I also review this one for Fandom Post. This series is about the origin of the Jedi (or “Je’ daii” as they were called at the dawn of the age).

Science Fiction & Fantasy:

Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card. Yes! While there was a bit too much science explanation, the story had some very intriguing aspects of time travel. It was far from my favorite Orson Scott Card book, but I definitely plan on reading the sequel.

Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Since I wanted to finish the book before I saw the movie, I was so excited to complete Princess of Mars this week. As a book from the start of the 20th century, it’s an odd read. A very old-fashioned style, and it was funny to hear his scientific explanations of the life and technology on Mars.

Changeling – actually JUST started this book on Sunday. I’m so excited, because Kathy (@thebrainlair) and I are starting our own “book buddies” project like Jen and Colby do. Yay!

Newbery Challenge

Waterless Mountain (1932) The story of a Navajo boy on his way to becoming a Medicine Man. I am enjoying this book. Each little portion of the book is a simple tale, but tied together well. This would make a nice partner book with a unit on Native Americans, or with the novel Code Talker. I’m not an expert, but it seems fairly authentic. I finished it “under the wire” to count it for this week’s post.

Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos. I’m listening to it via Audible. This is my very first audio book. I’m not thrilled with it, I’ll admit. I don’t much like the writing style, and I don’t really find it noteworthy. It has had some funny moments so far, though. (I’m about 25% done.) It’s growing on me, but I still don’t think I could gush about it.


Amelia Lost – This book is AMAZING! I can’t wait to share it with my students. Well written, fascinating account of the life and loss of Amelia Earhart.  I loved how the text alternated between her disappearance and the story of her life. Wonderful glimpses into the childhood of one of my heroes, accompanied by intriguing accounts of people who claim to have heard some of her final radio transmissions. This is a must have, must read for upper elementary on up.

Alien Investigation – Very interesting read. I like how the author presents all the evidence that makes aliens and UFOs seem plausible, while also sharing information about the many hoaxes and other possibilities for the things people have reported. I have two students doing fifth grade projects on this topic, so I was thrilled to win this book!

Bedtime Read-alouds

The Lost Hero – Rick Riordan. I actually started this with my older son a week or so ago. He’s read it so many times that he drives me crazy because he quotes along with all the funny lines. It is very entertaining to have him start to giggle before I read the funny parts, though! I love Riordan’s style.

Wind in the Door – Madeleine L’Engle  This was my younger son’s choice. I’m so unbelievably excited to read it with him. We just finished A Wrinkle in Time (his class is going to see a play version in May). He’d actually read ahead of me in Wrinkle, but still wanted me to finish it as a read-aloud. He also begged for a copy of Many Waters


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