Hello from the woods

Yes, I'm writing and posting this from my phone. Technology rocks!

Good news! I got a home cooked breakfast - sausage and eggs- and I didn't have to cook it!

Bad news! No Keurig means I waited 35 minutes for the coffee to be ready. No worries - no Bothans had to die to get me the caffeine I needed to survive.

Good news! No primping required. It's all little boys and the dads that wrangle them. No one cares that I'm stinky and my hair is all tangled.

Bad news! I'm stinky and my hair is all tangled.

Good news! No waiting for the bathroom. With a dedicated "women's bathroom" - and only one other mom in attendance - I never have to stand in line.

Bad News! I have to walk five minutes in the cold morning air to reach that bathroom. Don't get me started on the shower. (I mentioned that I'm planning on staying stinky, right?)

Good news! The sounds of nature are loud and beautiful. Trilling birds, hooting owls, and burbling creeks.

Bad news! Those sounds aren't as lovely at 5:30 in the morning. Yikes! Hush up out there!

Good news! We're going on a 3 mile hike.

Bad news! Umm. That IS the bad news!

In all seriousness, the camping trip has been wonderful. (Should I knock on wood? I still have a night to go.) The hike was an adventure. We saw a bald eagle and lost the path briefly. The boys all made it out alive. My favorite part was when one of the dads commented, "My wife would never do this!"

I may not be outdoorsy, but I want my sons to know I can handle a hike, a knife, and tent camping in the cold. Yes, I even bought my first knife before this trip and I'm learning how to use it.


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