Dark Frigate Sets Sail - Nerdbery Update

Yo! Ho! A Pirate's Life for Me.  

A Pirate's Life for Me
What do drunken sailors, flirtatious wenches, thick Scottish brogues, slow plots, slashed necks, pirate battles, and hangings have in common with children's literature?

Good question. I think I would be lynched if I tried to have my students read this book. 

If the book were designed for adults, I think I'd give it 2 stars. There were some funny parts that I did enjoy, and I did find some of the chapters entertaining once I got into the "hang" of the archaic style of writing. But the plot moved so slowly that it took until almost the middle of the book for the main character to even reach the pirate ship! Seriously? 

Funniest part? Two drunk sailors are wandering down the road. They have purchased a huge keg of alcohol with the thought that they could sell cups at a profit. Unfortunately, they keep paying each other for their drinks with the same penny (back and forth the penny goes - back and forth - the SAME blasted penny). When the keg is dry, the one attacks the other. Where has all the profit gone? They are so completely drunk they can't even figure out the problem. 

Sound like a kid's book to you? Nah, didn't think so. I'm becoming more and more thankful for modern children's literature.


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