New Comics Reader - Wrapping up New 52

(I'm moving posts from my old blog host over here. This one originally posted October 1st, 2011)

Wow, I can’t believe how many comics I’ve read over the month of September! When I sit down and wonder why I haven’t gotten as many novels read this month (I’m looking at you, Goodreads profile that haunts me), I need to come back to these posts as a reminder.

Aquaman – a surprise hit. I’m not tossing this one back!
Amazing art, but what really got me was the combination of tongue in cheek humor and the emotional connection I made with him. He’s a real, strong superhero, but I also honestly care about him. That’s a tough balance. Having no previous exposure to him other than the jokes made at his expense on Big Bang Theory, I was impressed.

Justice League Dark – Beautiful and dark. Keeper.
The first page sold me. That has happened with several of my “keepers”. I’m intrigued by the characters, and I’m definitely keeping this on the top of my list.

Spider-man #2 – slow, but deep. I’m keeping it.
Wow. I do love Miles. I’m a mom, and a teacher – so I’m doubly invested in this kid. This is a great example of how to start a franchise from the ground up. I also feel comfortable handing this one to my son. This one was a bit slow, low on action, but I totally get why. I’m in.

Angel and Faith #2 (yes, I know it’s not Marvel OR DC!)
DarkHorse keeps me coming back with both the Angel and Faith and the Buffy season 9 series. I love seeing Giles in the flashbacks, and I love this pairing of Angel and Faith.

Fury of Firestorm – Great story, but not emotionally invested
Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t care at all about these characters without Gail’s amazing story development. I think I’ll continue, but I’m not as connected to these characters as I am to many of the others I’ve encountered this month.

All Star Western – Not sure… giving it another go
Yes, it’s gorgeous. Yes, I love the fact that they are in Gotham in the Old West. I’m just not convinced it’s my cup of tea. Seriously, don’t hate me J

I, Vampire – Hmm… intriguing start. Makes a #2
I love vampires (no, not Twilight, real vampires that don’t sparkle). This is an interesting beginning, but I’m not quite there yet.

Dark Knight – Meh. Don’t think I’m going round 2
I love the Bat. But this one seemed meh. Seriously, how many hot chicks does he need running after him? I’ll just keep Batman.

I’ve been told I have to go back and try:
Batman and Robin
Action Comics
Anything else I’m missing?


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